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    Okay, so brand names aside — everyone wears clothes. And whether there’s a designer label in that sweater or no label at all, style is more than just that. It’s all about how you wear the outfit — pricey or not.

    In today’s blogosphere, street style dominates. It seems like almost every street corner is a potential photo op - the perfect fashion editor briskly enters the frame, disguised in the latest Balenciaga shades, Celine trench and Chanel purse, as she casually crosses the street on her way to a West Village lunch meeting. And more times than not, the pricier the threads, the higher the chances are to land a spot on that buzzworthy fashion [dot] com.

    When it comes to being totally genuine and free of impressions, we’re pretty sure that kids do it best. From school playgrounds, to parks and pavements, hide and go (style) seeks out all the spots to find the kids who dress to not impress. No brands, no competition. Just kids being… kids.


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